Official name
Kingdom of Bhutan
Form of government
Constitutional monarchy
Date of establishment of bilateral relations
09 December 2011

Political relations

The bilateral relations of the Republic of Serbia and the Kingdom of Bhutan are friendly and have the potential for improvement in various areas.

The first visit of a delegation of Bhutan to the Republic of Serbia was conducted during the 141st session of the Interparliamentary Union in Belgrade, 13-17 October 2019. The delegation was headed by Tashi Dorji, Chairman of the National Council, the upper house of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Bhutan, meeting the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia at the time, Maja Gojković.


Economic relations

Economic cooperation is not regulated by agreements and consists of trade in goods with a modest scope.

In 2022, there were no exports from Serbia, and import from Bhutan amounted the value of 80,000 euros.

Bilateral agreements

The bilateral cooperation of the Republic of Serbia and the Kingdom of Bhutan is not regulated by agreements.

Contact information

The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in New Delhi covers the Kingdom of Bhutan on a non-residential basis

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Bhutan in Brussels covers the Republic of Serbia operationally

Contact at the MFA - Department for Asia, Australia and the Pacific (DAAP); tel. +381-11-306-8345;