Economic Diplomacy Sector

The Economic Diplomacy Sector performs tasks related to:

  • representation and protection of the Republic of Serbia interests in all international organisations of financial, economic and trade character as well as those dealing with economics, and conducting economic analysis;
  • implementation of activities aimed at attracting foreign direct investments;
  • promoting domestic products and services on the international market;
  • improving the existing forms of cooperation and concluding new agreements with the participants in the international market of goods, services and capital;
  • promoting tourist, investment, economic and cultural goods of the Republic of Serbia on the world economic scene in order to attract potential tourists, investors and businessmen;
  • defining the strategy to access the international market and drafting proposals for the export of goods and services;
  • analysis of potential markets based on the submitted information from the DCM and official statistics;
  • monitoring and analysing developments in the global financial market.

The following internal units are formed within the Economic Diplomacy Sector: