Selaković: Serbia is permanently committed to intensive cooperation at all levels with France

16. Sep 2021.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Nikola Selaković, talked today with the delegation of the France-Western Balkans Friendship Group in the Senate of France, chaired by Senator Marta de Cidrac.

Selaković stated the traditionally close and friendly relations between the two countries and said that the permanent and sincere commitment of our country is the intensive cooperation with France at all levels, especially bearing in mind that the two countries have signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement.

The Minister also pointed out that the political dialogue between the two countries is excellent and that the excellent personal relations between Presidents Vučić and Macron give it a special stamp.

Selaković emphasized that France is one of the most important economic partners of Serbia, as well as one of the largest investors in the Serbian economy. The Minister added that he hoped that good economic results and investment conditions would bring more investors from France to Serbia.

The head of Serbian diplomacy informed his interlocutors about the economic successes of Serbia in the last seven years, emphasizing that our country needs peace and stability in the region in order to continue its development.

According to him, this is why Serbia has a positive agenda in regional policy and wants to motivate its neighbors to more intensive economic cooperation.

Speaking about Serbia's desire to become a full member of La Francophonie, Selaković pointed out that La Francophonie is an extraordinary platform for nurturing relations with countries around the world with which we have a traditional friendship.

The head of Serbian diplomacy underlined that EU membership is a strategic goal of our country and thanked France for the support it provides us in that sense, but also for the overall cooperation in the implementation of reforms in Serbia.

Informing his interlocutors about the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, the minister underlined our commitment and firm commitment to dialogue, but pointed out that Pristina does not show readiness to continue the dialogue and implement what was agreed upon a long time ago.