Selakovic: Upward trend in the development of Serbia is giving significant results

30. Dec 2021.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Selakovic stated that it was key for Serbia in the upcoming period to maintain the upward trend of development, which was giving significant results, and that the biggest challenge was to preserve peace and stability in the country and the region.

Appearing on TV Pink, Minister Selakovic said that the energy crisis showed how good and on point the policy pursued by President Aleksandar Vucic was, and noted that the focus of that policy was the interest of Serbia and its citizens.

The Minister said that Serbia was unambiguously on a clear European path, reforming its society, and that these efforts were valorized by the cluster opening, but that it was also jealously guarding and promoting its traditional partnerships and friendships.

The Head of Serbian diplomacy stated that such a symbiosis of goals allowed Serbia to gain the most advantage for itself.

"How can you give up Zijin, when you saw that this year the absolute biggest growth will be recorded in the field of mining, where we even lagged behind in а way in the previous decades? How can you give up cooperation and friendship with the Russian Federation when you see that in the energy crisis, that very friendship provides Serbia with energy stability on which economic and social stability is based? How can you give up European integration, when 67% of our trade takes place with EU member states? You cannot give up any of that, that is in the essence of the Serbian position and Serbian politics", said Minister Selakovic.

As he emphasized, the fundamental goal of the state policy was a strong, stable and modern Serbia, which is the safest of homes for its every citizen.

In response to the question whether he expected pressure on Serbia regarding Kosovo and Metohija and the Republic of Srpska, Minister Selakovic said that it was important for Serbia to develop rapidly and react to provocations by strengthening its credibility and position.

“President Vucic has clearly established how this is done. Our task is to follow him and spread the success story about us and attract new investments", said Selakovic and stated that the fact that Serbia did not respond to every provocation did not mean that we are weak, but that it was sometimes wiser to remain silent instead.

Regarding the development and investment plan presented by President Vucic yesterday, Minister Selakovic said that he was proud of what the President shared as results and plans for the future.

The Minister said that the fact was that in 2020 and 2021, despite the pandemic, Serbia managed to be the second fastest growing economy in Europe after Ireland, which was impossible a few years ago.

Minister Selakovic stated that this year's growth amounted to over 7.5 percent and 53 billion euros of GDP, compared to 33 billion euros six or seven years ago, which opened room for us to embark on serious investments.

As he emphasized, focusing on young people, mothers, family, children and the support intended for them, which the President spoke about, was something that Serbia was dreaming about for a long time, but it had not able to make a plan on and carry out.

Minister Selakovic said that the growth of salaries in the health sector, as well as assistance for the elderly and young people, were made possible owing to the wise leadership and its vision.

Selakovic also reminded that at this moment, there were ten new highways under construction in Serbia, which would change the image of our country.

"A great majority will be completed in 2025, this is not far, but it is close enough for that development of ours to be jeopardized. If we strengthen the path of development, if we only ensure that those projects are finished in 2025, we will no longer be the same country. How many such projects do you have in the neighbourhood? There are none", said Minister Selakovic and emphasized that in four years, Serbia would be the absolute centre of this part of Europe and the engine of further development.

The Head of Serbian diplomacy announced that he would spend Christmas with the Serbian community in Chicago, which he said was the largest in the diaspora.

"People have been going there for decades, and now they are returning, they will return even more, and not only the highly educated among them. People who have spent more than a decade abroad tell me that there is no place like Serbia", said Minister Selakovic.